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New Vital Info About Guss' Pickles, a New Storefront, the Mob

Sometimes, emails to the tipline are too incredible to keep from public view. Here, now, a tipster with the latest on the happenings in the complicated world of Guss' Pickles. Reference links have been added:

the latest information ive heard is that the original owners of guss, steve 64 and his younger son andrew 25 which before them where izzy and benny guss. im not even mentioning the bakers because that's a whole other story and they have nothing to do with guss anymore. ANDREW IS reopening next to or near the famous russ and daughters of the LES before summer. ms fairhurst is moving to brooklyn under a different name and have nothing to do with gus's anymore. also id figured id mention that both andrew and steve have ties to mr anthony mannone a well known captain in the bonnano crime family who was recently picked up on a host of charges. you can read about that all over the internet.
im not sure of the leibowitz's connections but i do know that andrew threatned bodily harm on tim baker back in 2006 during that whole lawsuit which the leibowitz's won in late 2007. last i heard is that andrew is in a high profile treatment program in NYC and still runs his mail order business with much success. their corporate office number is [redacted] to verify that my facts are correct, but i choose to remain anonymous for my protection because i do not want to get involved with either leibowitz or mobster mannone.
Intrigue! Mobsters! Pickles! It doesn't get much better. Suffice it to say, we were not able to confirm the above rumors and accusations by calling the provided number. But a new Guss' on the LES wouldn't be such a bad thing.
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