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Meet Ruth Flowers, The Coolest DJ On Earth

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After being inundated with faux celebrity DJ's who get paid big bucks to play their iTunes playlists, it's refreshing to see a real DJ get some notoriety. So it's our pleasure to introduce you the coolest DJ in France right now, who also happens to be a 69 year old grandmother. Meet Ruth Flowers, who is wowing crowds with a mix of classic tunes and electronic music and a fashion style all her own. And unlike New York's celebrity DJs, DJ Ruth knows how to spin. Granny spent four years learning the DJ craft with French producer Aurelien Simon, deciding to become a DJ after having a wild time at her grandson's birthday party at a Parisian disco, and is now getting gigs at the coolest clubs in Paris and even the Cannes Film Festival. Hopefully the Le Baron team brings her stateside when they open in Chinatown.
· British Granny Takes French Party Scene By Storm [Reuters]
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