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The Edison Cocktail Lounge, Its Draconian Rules Head to NYC

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Eater Los Angeles gets word that the Edison, a popular cocktail lounge and restaurant located in a former power plant in downtown LA, has their sights set on New York City. According to the press release, Edison owner Andrew Meieran says:

we are finalizing a location in Manhattan for the second incarnation of The Edison, which will debut in approximately eighteen months. The Edison New York will expand upon the themes that have made the concept unique and revolutionary, utilizing the revitalization of historic structures that capture the spirit of the world’s most celebrated, legendary nightlife.
A bold statement!

It's not clear why Meieran felt the need to issue a press release if the deal hasn't been signed, meaning he still hasn't secured a liquor license approval. It's also unclear if some of their more draconian operating rules will make the cross country trip. For example, Angelinos are free to make reservations, but they require each guest to consume $25 worth of food and beverages. But don't even bother to show up for your reservation if you are wearing any of the following: shorts, jerseys, hoodies, ball caps, flip flops, sandals, athletic or tennis shoes (sneakers), t-shirt (short of long sleeve), collarless shirts, or torn or ripped jeans. That's right, there is a dress code that excludes just about every person under the age of 45 in New York City. Three piece suits and formal ball gowns are allowed though. The Edison really seems ready to make a splash. Welcome to NYC!
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