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Nicky's Considers Leaving the East Village for FiDi

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EV Grieve notices the Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on East 2nd Street between Avenues A and B is on the market. The cheap banh mi shop—a precursor to the Baoguettes and An Chois of the last couple of years—has been a major staple in the neighborhood ever since owner Teresa Dang opened it as a follow up to her father's similar and now shuttered shop in Sunset Park.

Reps for the restaurant tell EVG that they're not sure whether or not they'll keep the location, "but we will find out in the next month or two." Meanwhile they're opening a branch on Nassau and Ann Streets, a huge upset for FiDi.
· Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches Leaving the East Village? [EVG]

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches

150 East 2nd St., New York, NY

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