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Soho Grand Gets Into the Lounge Business With Club Room

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Look out Hampton Inn! The Soho Grand, a pioneer in the downtown boutique hotel game, is looking to recapture some of its glory days as a downtown destination. So the hotel has undertaken a little construction project to create a new lounge that will be called the Club Room. To make it happen, the hotel is building a wall and converting the area to the left of the staircase, including the Gallery space, into the lounge, which will be accessed through a door that was previously used as a closet. According to a tipster, the gallery space will now house the DJ booth and a "swaying floor", and that access to the general public and hotel guests will be limited. The existing Grand Bar will remain open to the public. The Club Room will be open in the next few months, so stay tuned.
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The Club Room

310 West Broadway, New York, NY

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