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This Fall's Le Fooding Fest will be a NYC/San Francisco Brawl

In this week's New Yorker, Adam Gopnick explores the French "movement" and guidebook Le Fooding and tries to discover exactly how they plan on revolutionizing food in France. The article is a lengthy piece that touches upon various movements in France and the politics of food both abroad and in the States. It's much too involved to get into here, but Gopnick does reveal a tidbit about this year's second annual New York Le Fooding festival, coming this September:

...instead of being once again a Franco-American conversation, it will be a match, even a confrontation, between San Francisco and New York chefs. “We don’t want to be narrowly identified as a ‘Franco-Français’ movement, just bringing French chefs to America,” Anna confided recently. “Then we might as well be part of the French cultural ministry."
Hear that SF? It's on.
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