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Things That Cost the Same as a Beer at the Boom Boom Room

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The Boom Boom Room is clearly very special compared to most other New York City lounges. The views! The exclusivity! The glamor! The glory! And while it's understandable that all of these things come at a premium price, it was particularly galling to be charged $24 for two beers at Andre Balazs pleasure palace over the weekend. Yes, $12 a beer. Before tip. That's almost as bad as Nello.

Now, we know what you are thinking: "That's what you get for going there, so stop your whining." Fair enough. But just to make a point, here is a list of things that could have been purchased for the same $12 that was wasted on one bottle of beer.

· A Peter Luger cheeseburger and french fries (lunch only)
· Five shots of anything at the Continental
· Four 32 oz cups of beer at Jeremy's Ale House (happy hour).
· One dozen oysters at the Mermaid Inn until 7 PM
· Four slices of pizza from Joe's
· Two orders of crab and pork soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai
· Lamb Ribs at Fatty Cue

The lesson here is that exclusivity is pricey, and showing up at a bar at 3 AM typically leads to poor purchases.
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Boom Boom Room

848 Washington St., New York, NY 10014

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