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Bread Factory, The Moldy Fig, Talay Thai All Coming Soon

1) Meatpacking District: A new branch of Le Pain Quotidien will open in the space vacated by Old Homestead Steakhouse. Old Homestead switched up their dining room situation after a rent hike. [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: An Eater operative takes a peek inside the old Cafe Deville space on 3rd Ave. and 13th and finds the place gutted. The workers say they hope to have the new entity finished by May. [PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: A Village resident sends in a photo of Gabe Stulman's new oyster bar. The plywood is just now going up around the former animal hospital. [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: Above, a photo of the new New York Film Academy Cafe, moving into the old Starbucks space on Astor Place. [PLYWOOD]

5) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie reports that jazz bar The Moldy Fig is moving into 178 Stanton St.. The owners plan on offering " a small plate menu, pool, ping pong, chess, shuffleboard, Scrabble, and some of the best jazz in New York City!" [PLYWOOD]

6) Carroll Gardens: Cobble Hill Blog notices some progress at a new restaurant space on Sackett and Court. A construction worker reveals it's going to be a bar, but rumblings on other blogs hint it could be an oyster bar from the owners of PJ Hanley's.

7) Upper East Side: Staten Island's Talay Thai signed a lease on a 2,300 square foot restaurant space on 1st Ave. between 95th and 96th. They hope to open in four to sis months. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

8) FiDi: A tipster sends in a picture of the new Bread Factory opening soon on Fulton St. [PLYWOOD]

FKA Cafe Deville

103 3rd Ave., New York, NY

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