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Could This Be the Final Nail in the Coffin for Allen & Delancey?

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Earlier today, an Eater source wrote in with the following message: "Rumor has it Allen & Delancey is shutting down. Staff hasn't been paid in weeks and somehow the government is involved." It's not entirely shocking, given the restaurant has been plagued with troubles from bankruptcy filings to lawsuits, staff walkouts and chef turnovers for the past two years. Calls to the owners have gone unanswered, but this came in just moments ago:

Former bartender at Allen and Delancey here. I say former because I was just informed that they have been ordered closed today by the State of NY. Any tips on how I go about attempting to collect the $1,100 they owe me in credit card tips???
The worker says the GM told him the place will reopen, while the chef said it's is doneski. Meanwhile, a reservationist confirms A&D is closed but doesn't know whether it will reopen again or not. Reservations have been canceled for the weekend.

Oftentimes, restaurants and bars come back from government seizures. Other times they don't. As our source says so poignantly, "It's a shit-show over there any way you slice it."
· Allen & Delancey Filing for Chapter 11 But Not Closing [~ENY~]

Allen & Delancey

115 Allen St., New York, NY

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