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Following Chang, Compass Pushes Foie Gras in Face of Protests

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Last year, when the crazed foie gras protesters targeted Dave Chang's Momofuku empire, the chef fired back by promoting new foie gras dishes at each of his restaurants. Now that the nutters are headed to the Upper West Side—already threatening Telepan—the General Manager of Compass is following his lead.

GM Rob Burns sends out an email today about a visit from a disappointed diner who said he would promote the restaurant to his "hundreds of contacts in the in the pharmaceutical industry" if they would just remove foie gras from the menu. Burns, a staunch supporter of both organic and sustainable food and foie gras of the Hudson Valley, has decided to do the opposite: "...starting next week we will be offering our guests, that wish to try, a foie gras amuse bouche as well as featuring a different foie gras appetizer every night. We look forward to seeing you!"
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