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Keller Loves Grey's Anatomy; Ollie's Files for Bankruptcy

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KELLERLAND—PopEater runs a funny interview (the first question is "if you love food so much, why don't you marry it?") with chef Thomas Keller. One highlight: a favorite TV show of Keller's is Grey's Anatomy, followed by Desperate Housewives, "because of Dana Delaney and Kyle MacLachlan. They are good friends." [PopEater]

CONEY ISLAND—The Parks Department has put out a request for proposals for an operator to run the yet-to-be-built Coney Island amphitheater, slated to open in 2012. When it debuts, it will offer “10 designated locations for food carts, and three separate areas for food service, a commissary...and food storage containers.” [BP]

UPPER WEST SIDEOllie's, the Manhattan Chinese chain, filed for bankruptcy. The restaurants went into debt after owners were found guilty of violating overtime and minimum wage laws and were ordered to pay $2.3 million to employees. All locations of Ollie's remain open. [Crain's]
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