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Filling March Quota, City Closes Nevada Smith's, Cafe Panino

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It may not be a destination for most New Yorkers, but Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto, a long running coffee and sandwich shop, is a known neighborhood hangout for the residents around Hudson. So it's sad to report the cafe was shuttered by the Dept. of Health this week, about a year after the restaurant had to close for an extended period due to issues with their lease. Workers say it will reopen either tomorrow or next week.

Meanwhile, over in the East Village, 3rd Ave.'s rowdy beer and soccer bar Nevada Smith's has been closed by court order. And the Marshall's office has been on the prowl too. It just seized a Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins on 244 Flatbush Ave. at St. Marks in Brooklyn.
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Cafe Panino Buon Giusto

551 Hudson St., New York, NY

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