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Tasting Menu at Aldea; The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Returns

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FLATIRON— Chef Georges Mendes is launching an $80 five course tasting menu at his restaurant Aldea this week. [Feast]

UNION SQUARE—From the tipline: "Chef Raymond Mohan, formerly the Chef at Colors and Onda, has been named executive chef at the Coffee Shop today. Named by Esquire magazine as one of best Latin American chefs in the United States, he should bring Coffee Shop's cuisine back towards it's Brazilian roots." [EaterWire]

SIGNS OF SPRINGThe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck will come out of hibernation for the season on April 1. [ML]


31 West 17th Street, Manhattan, NY 10011 (212) 675-7223 Visit Website


31 West 17th St., New York, NY

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