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Colicchio Thinks U.S. Michelin Ratings are 'All Over the Map'

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Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton chats up Tom Colicchio about Colicchio & Sons and the idea of Michelin ratings. His thoughts on the latter

I think years ago when you would go into a three star Michelin restaurant you knew what to expect. I think they way they're rating restaurants in the States is all over the map. I mean there are restaurants that are getting stars that would never, if this were the European standard, no way would they get stars.

I got one star at Craft and they took it away. I don't know what happened during that time but I know the restaurant didn't change at all. I think a lot of it is for shock value. You take a star away because it's going to make press.

Yes, when Rhong Tiam gets a star and Craft doesn't, something is very, very wrong.
· 'Top Chef' Colicchio Discusses Profitability, Michelin [Bloomberg]


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