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Big Trouble at Eastern Alley Just 40 Days After its LES Debut

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Well that was fast. Over the weekend, a trusted tipster reported that Eastern Alley, the new Thai restaurant from Sean Scotese (Michael Bao's former right hand man) and an owner of the former tenant of the space Thailand Cafe, is closing. Says the tipster, "The owner of Thailand cafe told Sean 'You have one week come up with $100k to buy Eastern Alley or pack your knife and go.'" Interesting. After floating the in-fighting rumor in the Eater newsletter yesterday (sign up here!), a source close to the Scotese confirmed that it has already shuttered, just over a month after the opening. Time to take bets on whether or not Michael Huynh will now grab the space back for his long ago planned B Clinton.
· Eastern Alley, Not B Clinton, To Open in 6 Clinton [~ENY~]

Eastern Alley

6 Clinton St., New York, NY

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