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Great NY Noodletown Gets Shut Down By DOH

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The DOH hit squad claimed another victim over the weekend, as a tipster reports that Chinatown legend Great NY Noodletown was forced to close on Friday night. A February inspection turned up evidence of insects, roaches and mice in the Noodletown's food and/or non-food areas, and pinged the restaurant for its storage of delicious meats that hang behind the counter. Where the DOH finds fault, Noodletown's devoted customers find flavor. The 50 violation points from February required a follow-up visit, which apparently didn't go so well, and the restaurant remains closed. Luckily, the shut down is happening now and not during soft-shell crab season, one of Noodletown's specialties.

The restaurant hopes to reopen by Friday.
· DOH Chronicles [~ENY~]

Great NY Noodletown

28 Bowery, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 349-0923 Visit Website

Great NY Noodletown

28 Bowery, New York, NY