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The Cruel Demise of The Once Mighty 27th Street

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The announcement that Cain Luxe would be closing its doors for good brought on a wave of nostalgia. It was just three years ago that 27th Street was officially Club Row, and although most of the venues were terrible, 27th Street had surpassed the Meatpacking District and rivaled Hell Square for New York nightlife supremacy. Oh how times have changed. There were 13 venues operating during the block's peak, yet only Marquee remains open under its original name with the same ownership. The block isn't completely devoid of night spots: Crobar and Pink Elephant have become M2 and Pink respectively, Naima recently became Ovest Pizzeria, and the future of Bungalow 8 remains up in the air. But it seems inconceivable that this many mega-lounges could or would ever open on one block ever again. For everyone involved, that's probably a good thing.
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Graphic courtesy of NY Mag