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Eater Poll: Guess The Price Of A Bloody Mary At V-Bar

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An Eater operative had some time to kill this weekend in the East Village and decided to stop into V-Bar, the lovely cafe and bar in the former Tribe space. Our operative was lured in by V-Bar's chalkboard (pictured) advertising $5 brunch cocktails, but alas, things don't always come as advertised. That brings us to today's Eater Poll question:

The 15% of you who chose $9 are the most right, because the Eater operative ordered two Bloody Mary's and was charged $18. The 63% of you who chose $5 with brunch are kinda right, but the sign really doesn't make any mention of having to buy brunch to get the $5 drink. It just says "Brunch!" and lists some $5 drinks. The moral of this story is that New York City is one giant rip off, and when you think you are getting a deal, you really are getting taken.

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V Bar

132 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009

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