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Momo Milk Moves Baking to the Burg, Considers Storefront

A tipster sent in the following alarming note to the tipline this morning: "Momo Milk Bar kills Pork and Egg Bun and English Muffin as of today, rain and sorrow ensue." A look at their online menu and a visit to the bakery confirm the sad news—they're donski. But why would the powers that be at Momo drop the delicious beloved pork and egg buns and the English muffin egg sandwich?

A worker at the bakery says it's because they are moving their baking operations to Williamsburg, since they've outgrown the space (they can probably thank Anderson Cooper for that). Pork buns will still be available, but everything else will be baked in Williamsburg and trucked over to the East Village and to Midtown.

The new Burg outpost—located off the Bedford L stop, towards Driggs—is still in a construction phase, so they're planning on renting a kitchen in Harlem to use in the meantime. And while it will remain a production facility at the outset, there's speculation that it will grow into a storefront in mid-summer. A worker relayed that it's an idea they'll consider after the opening of Ma Peche.

Meanwhile back in the EVill, Milk Bar offers new ham and turkey sandwiches on the weekends.
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