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Old Guard Pizza Shop Fornino Opens in Park Slope This April

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You can't swing a dead cat in this town without hitting a new artisanal, Neopolitan, new wave, etc. pizza joint. But before there was Motorino, before there was Keste and Roberta's, Tonda and Paulie G's, there was Fornino's in Williamsburg. Of course it's not the first pizza spot—just five years old—nor is it the best—solid, but not making anyone's top five—but it was a harbinger of things to come.

Anyway, Fornino. It's opening a new branch in Park Slope, on 256 Fifth Ave., exactly where owner Michael Ayoub's "culinary career took flight" (per the press release) next month. He opened a restaurant named Cucina there in 1990 before the neighborhood was the stroller-infested restaurant-filled urbanite settlement that it is now. Instead of focusing on just the pie, the Park Slope Fornino will also trade in antipasti, pastas, salumi, and grilled items, and an on-premise store will sell sauces, cheeses, pastas, and ready to eat to go meals. Stay tuned for more.
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256 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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