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More Details Revealed on Top Chef Seven, Washington D.C.

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Last Friday, the Washington Post reported in its gossip column the Top Chef Season 7 would be filmed in DC. For those who need a stronger confirmation, here's an excerpt from Sam Sifton's review of Colicchio & Sons today: "Mr. Colicchio has Craft restaurants in both cities, as well as others in Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas and at Foxwoods in Connecticut. He had been in Washington, too, where he will film the next season of 'Top Chef'..."

Folks in D.C. say much of the shooting will take place around the Washington Hilton—huge hotel with a lot of kitchen and conference room space—and that the chef house is nearby at 2030 R St., near Dupont Circle. It looks a little something like this. Of course, both locations are within spitting distance of a Whole Foods. Filming is said to take place on April 5.
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