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Memories Of Limelight Will Live Forever

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Deep inside a Times story on the Limelight Marketplace, an area resident takes a moment to whine about the planned Grimaldi's, complaining that the iconic restaurant's hoped for beer and wine license and late hours could attract a "rowdy crowd". So after the building's owner spent a reported $15 million converting the landmarked building into a viable retail space and leased 90 percent of the space, there is still a fear that a New York institution like Grimaldi's will somehow destroy the peace and tranquility of 20th Street and 6th Avenue! Everyone knows that the Limelight was a challenging neighbor, and that Avalon and the rest of the clubs weren't much better. But newsflash, the people in this picture aren't coming back. If a pizza place is now going to get the neighbors up in arms because they serve past midnight and want to offer beer and wine, all hope may be lost.
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47 W. 20th St., New York, NY

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