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Meet Tartinery, Featuring French Sandwiches, a Giant Tree

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This fun looking newcomer—there's a tree in there! like Rayuela, but three years later—is Tartinery, a day-old Nolita restaurant centered around that most wonderful of French sandwiches, the tartine. Since bread is the big focus in a place like this Tartinery sources carefully, serving country bread from the well known Poilâne Bakery in France and and organic multigrain from a bakery in New York.

They serve simple sandwiches for around $8 and more elaborate productions (with foie gras, lobster) for up to $20. Besides sandwiches, they offer a traditional cafe menu of soups, salads, and sides.

The materials for the two story space were mostly reclaimed from a building in Tribeca that was recently demolished. Presumably, the tree was brought in from elsewhere. Read more about the restaurant, its theme and construction on its official site. Tartinery is open for lunch right now, and will open for breakfast and dinner starting Monday, when their liquor license comes through.


209 Mulberry St., New York, NY

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