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Get News, Restaurant Recs From the Eater Twitter Feeds

While sending in tips, commenting, and adding to the Eater Flickr Pool are all much appreciated ways to interact with the world of Eater, it doesn't end there. Eater also has two fun to follow twitter feeds. First, there's @eaterwire, a feed updating followers on the latest top news stories. And more exciting for those who play well with others is the @eaterny feed. This feed has an automatic retweet feature, which means any tweet with @eaterny in the body will be shot out to our 9,643 followers, who then help out with their thoughts, recommendations, etc. It's like Chowhound or eGullet but better and more immediate.

Need pizza tonight on the UWS? Tell the twitter followers. Seeking an after work drinks spot near 14th and 6th? Ask the twitter feed. Wondering what's good at Xie Xie?You get the picture. Follow one feed, follow both, have fun.

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