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Game Changers: SLA Removes Key Question From Application

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SLA savior Dennis Rosen continues to upset the status quo when it comes to New York's liquor licensing process. Beyond speeding up the licensing process and boosting SLA morale, Crain's reports that Rosen's SLA "recently removed a question from the license application that asks for the business's hours of operation." Why is that so important? Because Community Boards have been forcing establishments to agree to more restricted operating hours in exchange for their support for SLA applications, despite New York City laws allowing licensed businesses to serve booze until 4 AM. To counter Rosen, boards are now asking for a signed affidavit from applicants asking for restricted hours to force earlier closings. But since the board's role is advisory and the SLA doesn't require affidavits, it is unclear is these stipulations are enforceable. This battle goes to operators. The war continues.
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