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An Inside Look at the First Official Breakfast at Pulino's

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9:05: Pulino's is OPEN (see signage and @nappleman tweet). Half a dozen guests and 50 or so employees are scattered about the dining room. Coffee, water, yes please.

9:10: Appleman seems cautiously excited. They packed the dining room over the weekend to see how she runs at full capacity. Successful, but some meltdowns. The burger program, as mentioned by Cutlets, will begin at midnight every night. Just before 12, they'll grind the meat, then serve up burgers until there's nothing left. Special blend, cheddar cheese, potato bun, White Manna style.

Appleman's recommended breakfast dish: the kale fritatta.

9:25: Customer headcount at 25. Waitress recommends blueberry jam pizza, says chef encourages sharing. Okay, but maybe not for a Monday morning breakfast. Or most breakfasts. Order is in.

9:31: Roasted grapefruit to share? Yes please. This one here, roasted with muscovado sugar with some mint scattered on top, has a bit too much char, but they'll perfect this within the week.


9:32: The wifi is OPERATIONAL. Major potential as late afternoon work spot depending on crowd, competition for DBGB.


9:48: Kale fritatta, blueberry jam pie, sausage, egg, and bacon pie. Nothing really looks that crazy delicious (the drool factor associated with Motorino pies does not come into play). But this is really good, delicious stuff. Small pies are around $8, frittata is $12.


9:50: Crowd now thinning, almost to ghost town proportions. After chatting up a guest, Keith McNally takes up residence in corner booth, makes calls on flip phone, gets on laptop (also live blogging?).

9:52: Concerned about how close these fancy brown liquor bottles are to the tables. Could easily swipe a bottle of Jack Daniels or two on a busy night.

10:10: Spotted in the opposite corner, Team Daily Candy, paying their check. No other bloggy types on the scene, but they will come soon enough. For those who hit up lunch, send all accounts this way. And stay tuned for the dinner debut on March 26.


Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria

282 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 (212) 226-1966 Visit Website

Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria

282 Bowery, New York, NY