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The Early Word on Unusual, Gimmicky K! Pizzacone

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Midtown's new bizarro grab-and-go lunch spot, K! Pizzacone, opened a couple of weeks ago to great, hilarious hype. Skepticism, however, didn't linger far behind - it is pizza in a cone, after all. So has it lived up to the expectations? Absolutely. The crowd was certain that the intriguing concept would be more for the experience rather than the quality, and reviews confirm that. Self-proclaimed fans hope to see K! Pizzacone survive, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice quality for the convenience.

The So-So News: Over at Slice, Adam Kuban argues that while the end product is tasty, it shouldn't be considered authentic pizza. "It's a parbaked pastrylike cone stuffed with ingredients and finished off in a commercial convection oven. What's that sound like to you? Real pizza? No. It's basically a pizza-flavored product, not unlike what you might find in your grocer's freezer aisle. It's considerably fresher and tastier than something from the grocery, but it has a convenience-snack item texture, feel, and flavor." He concludes: "It's great for novelty, but I don't know if I'd lay down the scratch all that often for the $4.90/$5.90 a pop that it costs." [Slice]

The Hit-or-Miss Twitter News: On Twitter, discussion of Pizzacone has mostly happened among the curious and uninitiated, but some have weighed in, with very mixed results. @Nellachronism was satisfied: "Pizzacone verdict? Yummm. Delicious novelty." It's a big hit with @Delduwath: "Man. That pizzacone? Incredible. If that place was closer to my office, I'd eat there twice a week."

However, @akinyc felt that the novelty wasn't worth it: "reminded me of grade school pizza day. Def NOT worth going back. Taste=most important." And finally, a cautious tale from @MetroMixNewYork's: "The guy at K! Pizzacone forgot about my Pizzacone, burned my Pizzacone, knew it, and served me my Pizzacone. Shit" [Twitter]

The Conceptual Issue News: As Yelpers have attested, there are enough kinks that need some fixin' before the Pizzacone's legacy can be secured. A well-meaning reviewer questions, "How do you get repeat business from folks like myself who were drawn in by the concept, but not that impressed by the product or value?" While another claims that considering the price, there's nothing like a true slice of pizza: "On top of that, its a price range of $5-6 plus change for just one cone. Its certainly filling, but not as satisfying as eating a slice.(or the two slices you'd get for that amount)." Of course, others are simply more elated about boasting of the experience, as Yelpers reassures, "The thrill of eating a pizzacone is merely just that - that you're eating a pizzaCONE! Is it a culinary masterpiece? Absolutely not. It is good? Well, yes, yes it is. Probably more fun than good (look ma, my pizza's a cone!), but were you really expecting to be blown away?" [Yelp]

The Mostly Not so Great News: There seems to be some technical issues with the cheese-to-sauce ratio that just doesn't cut it. Despite a mostly positive review on Midtown Lunch, which sheds light on the cheesy goodness - "no slice I know gets me quite so much cheese in one bite" - and a nontraditional pizza crust that's "flaky and firm and sort of crumbles when you bite into it," sequential posts revealed multiple gag reflexes: "yes, it has sauce. It’s poured into the bottom of the cone and spread around before the other fillings are put in. Practically, that means that you don’t get any until the last bite – at which point it squirts all over the place. VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" [ML]

The Bad News: From the comments: "I had one, enjoy the first half then discovered the second half was unmelted, and I was essentially eating a handful grated cheese in a bread cup and felt very sad about it.You can get toppings like scrambled eggs and chocoloate, by the way." [Eater Comments]

It's-a-Timing-Problem News: Not only is the joint tiny (read: long lines, long wait), but it also can't seem to bake the bad boys in a timely manner. One Yelper was pretty tainted by the waiting and the result of an overcooked crust: "They began making my cone immediately, but for whatever reason it still took about 10 minutes to get my cone from the oven. The 2 people waiting received there cones from the same oven, which probably increased the cooking time a good deal. When the cone did come was partially burnt. I pondered asking for another one that was not burnt but simply did not want to wait for them to cook it." [Yelp]

The Reassuring News: There are some who will simply stand the test of time and stay loyal. From "Amazing." to "I wish there were more of them through out the city," Yelp already has a small stronghold of fans. Another reviewer tries to give a deeper insight: "Sure, you could just get a slice and roll it into a cone yourself, but you wouldn't have nearly the sauce-to-dough ratio a K! Pizzacone is working with." Over on Midtown Lunch, someone isn't ashamed to admit, "top these with a meatball, and I’m good to go. you guys are too picky!! (or maybe I’m just an indiscriminate foodwhore)." [Yelp; ML]

K! Pizzacone

325 Fifth Ave., New York, NY

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