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Sindicato, Brickyard Gastropub, La De Nang Coming Soon

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1) Williamsburg/Greenpoint: A new spot next to the restaurant Lokal is in the works from the same owners. Located right on Nassau near Lorimer, the restaurant is going to be a Spanish tapas joint called Sindicato. [PLYWOOD]

2) Hell's Kitchen: Life with Food and Drink reports that Brickyard Gastropub will replace Lasagna on Ninth Ave. and 52nd. [PLYWOOD]

3) Greenwich Village Bowery Boogie learns a new espresso bar called Pubblico is opening soon at 124 MacDougal, just up the street from the recently shuttered Cafe Esperanto. [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: Jeremiah Moss notices that P.J. Hanley's pizzeria on 1st Ave. near 7th Street is almost ready to open: "this is not just a little storefront pizza joint. The woman who was planning the jazz cafe built a big cinderblock addition out back, and there's a garden space, too." [PLYWOOD]

5) East Village: EV Grieve brings word that signage has finally gone up on the old Sea Thai space on 2nd Ave. near 4th Street. The replacement, La De Nang looks like it's getting close. [PLYWOOD]

6) Theater District: Lost City has a report on the new bar reno at old time Times Square steakhouse Frankie & Johnnie's: "While the renovation is a regrettable decision on F&J's part, there is the slim possibility that the new downstairs bar may be slightly awesome...A workman told me the bar would be open for business in 'a week.' It will be a miniscule place, barely a coatroom. Literally a hole in the wall. But it's snugness, and its location right on the lip of the sidewalk, may make it kinda cool." [PLYWOOD]


905 Lorimer St., New York, NY