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Gimmicks of Yore: 1931's Machine-Run Restaurant

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Think pizza in a cone is a funny restaurant gimmick? How about a restaurant run by machines? A 1931 issue of Popular Science highlights an new restaurant where all of the food was made and then served by machines, a concept that followed the once incredibly popular automat but predated conveyor belt sushi and robot-run restaurants.

Says one article:

Inefficient humans will have no part in the transactions...If there is anyone at all behind the counter, it will be a modern "kitchen mechanic"—an engineer to wield an oil can when the wheat cake machine is behind schedule...
Ah, the future of dining! The restaurant lived for a time on 255 West 34th Street, the current home of the its natural successor, a Burger King.
· Popular Science, March 1931 [Google Books]
· Restaurant Robot Also to Take Cash [Spokane Daily Chronicle]

Robot Restaurant!

255 West 34th St., New York, NY

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