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Colicchio & Sons Abandons Prix Fixe As Diners Balk at Price

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Just three weeks ago, Tom Colicchio's do over of Craftsteak, Colicchio & Sons, made the bold announcement that its main dining room was switching from an a la carte menu to a $78 three course prix fixe menu. It was a measure enacted to "offer a full experience," but also to, one assumes, strong arm diners into paying more.

Whoopsie! Today Colicchio tells Fork in the Road that starting tonight, the dining room is abandoning the prix fixe and going back to full a la carte service. Says The Tom: "People were not happy with paying prix fixe, and we listen to what customers are telling us....I'm not going to be stubborn."
· Citing Economy, Colicchio and Sons Abandons Prix Fixe, Colicchio Responds to Platt [FitR]

Colicchio & Sons

85 10th Ave., New York, nY

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