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Food Lovers Casting Call; A Frou Frou French McDonald's

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CASTING CALLS— Production company Magical Elves is casting for its newest show America's Next Great Restaurant, on March 19 and 20: "We are seeking foodies, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, those with a creative business sense but also people with no food biz experience who simply have a great idea." More info here.

CARROLL GARDENS—For those sick of the interminable waits at Lucali, a tipster reveals that they now allow for call-ins. So instead of trekking over to the packed pizza spot to put in a name, only to have to wait two hours, Lucali fans can call before hopping on the F train. [EaterWire]

FRANCE— McDonald's restaurants in France are very, very different than the ones we have in America. Just how different? Well, for one thing, they feature fancy designer furniture, offer tableservice, counter service, and self service, and serve a variety of classic French pastries, as well as espresso drinks and chai lattes. It's kind of bizarro. Check it out. [Eater National]


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575 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY

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