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Village Thai Spot Betel Serves 'Street Food' at Upscale Prices

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[Krieger, 3/9/10]

Earlier this week, Betel, a Thai restaurant owned by a couple of Aussie restaurateurs, opened in the former Wild Ginger space. For months Martin Brudnizk, a designer of London import Le Caprice, had been blogging about the design and the construction of the space, much of which was slowed by the Landmarks Committee. But it looks to be worth the wait. It's pretty, it's dark, and besides that obligatory communal table (the bad trend that will never die), it's overall an inviting space to visit. As for the food, it's inspired by Thai street food, but apps (poached chicken and crab salad, salt and pepper cuttlefish) run $4 - 19, while entrees (Wagyu brisket, crispy pork hock, hung law curry of pork belly) hover in the $20 - 29 range.

Check here for more info, and send early word this way.


51 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 352-0460 Visit Website


51 Grove St., New York, NY