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Michael Psilakis Sets His Sights on North Williamsburg

Greek chef and Kefi and Anthos owner Michael Psilakis took the L train out to Williamsburg this Tuesday to apply for a liquor license for a new potential restaurant on Driggs between North 10th and 11th right by McCarren Park. Psilakis' handlers go out of their way to say the deal is not definite, that he has yet to sign a lease, but, let's be real, he wouldn't go through the hoopla of a community board meeting and an SLA application if he wasn't serious about the space. Psilakis has yet to reveal the concept for the restaurant, but he applied under the name Biergarten, LLC. Some new competition for the wildly successful North 3rd St. beer spot Radegast, perhaps? By the looks of the size of Psilakis' low slung building, which spans half blocks in two directions, it could be.

Pelaccio, now Psilakis. Which Manhattan chef will be next to cross the river?
· A Kefi Cafe in 'Burg? [NYP]

Psilakis' 'Biergarten'

470 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn, NY