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Hey World: Mike Throws Parties At His Noho Apartment!

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After the gory details of Mike's Apartment were revealed here, Mike Herman himself has decided to go on a little publicity tour, allowing the NY Post to do an expose on what had been christened the "coolest place in New York". There is no new information here, although Mike does admit that the parties are a way to boost his nightlife credentials to attract a partner for the Acme space, telling the Post that he "wanted to show people who thought I didn’t know about night-life that I’m serious about what I’m going to do." That and a quarter . . . Meanwhile in Tribeca, the owner of South Brooklyn Pizza is being sued by his neighbors for renting his apartment to a sex toy magnate, who used the pad to throw wild "adult" parties in the basement apartment. Is there really any difference between these two venues? The biggest one is Mike 's relationship with staff writers for popular websites to handle his publicity.
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Mike's Apartment

5 Great Jones St, New York, NY

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