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Niagara Turns Tiki Room Into Lovers Of Today

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That didn't take long. A day after Jesse Malin revealed upcoming changes to the 12 year old Niagara, we learn that the changes are already complete. The East Village Bar Baron has converted Niagara's former Tiki Room into a new bar, now named Lovers Of Today. The re-envisioned space has a separate entrance on 7th Street and will operate separately from both Niagara and Cabin Down Below. Now instead of sipping pina colada's in Niagara's basement, guests will be able to guzzle cocktails such as the Satellite of Love. If you throw Black Market into the mix, Malin and his team have an operation to make the Ace Hotel jealous. Lovers Of Today is certified open.
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Lovers of Today

112 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

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