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The Rusty Knot Party Bus Saves New York Nightlife

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Dubbing it as "a reminder of when New York night life seemed to have no rules", the Rusty Knot's party bus has gone from a campy idea to the feature story in the Sunday Styles section in a little over one month, a possible record. The Rusty Bus has been packing three dozen Williamsburg residents (and a few East Villagers) on a slow crawl to the West Village, shotgunning free beers and chanting like blood thirsty meat heads desperate for a wild night on the town. And while the accolades may be a bit much, Knot owners Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer deserve a pat of the back for finding a way to get people into the bar on Monday nights. Besides, who can really find fault with music, free beer, smoking, and dancing on a bus? Expect another raucous ride when the bus rolls out again tonight.
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Rusty Knot

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The Rusty Knot

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