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One Week Out, McNally Frets while Pulino's is Unveiled

Now that Keith McNally's newest restaurant, Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria, is just over a week out, the real media deluge has begun. More and more sneak shots and plywood tours are emerging all over the place (Schiller's meets Maialino?), and this week's New York features a huge piece on the man, the legend, the scene maker and gentrifier, McNally. The latest plywood shots are compiled above. As for the piece, here are a couple of the takeaways.

The restaurant is named after one of McNally's employees Kate Pulino, the men's and women's restrooms are separated by a cloudy window, McNally hand selects the thousands of songs that play (grouped by time of day) in the restaurant, a couple of tables are made out of blue police barricades. Oh and McNally, as usual, thinks the whole thing could fail:

“You know at one point you’re going to have a big failure,” he says. “Most of my big failures have been reserved for my private life. But for the restaurants, I’m waiting for something. I tend to think that if you get good reviews for one restaurant, the next one generally doesn’t. And so I’m worried actually about this place, because Minetta was quite well received. So I’m preparing myself for the worst...I think everything hangs by a thread, whether it’s a relationship or one’s business or one’s health.”
The piece reveals that his partner in Pulino's, Richard Caring of Soho House, is interested in expanding and opening branches of the restaurant in London, the West Coast, Chicago, and more. But ultimately, the decision will be McNally's.

· Pulino's is now projected to open on March 9.
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Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria

282 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 (212) 226-1966 Visit Website

Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria

282 Bowery, New York, NY