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In Cooling Effort, Soho House Purges Its Membership Roll

If, when reflecting upon a recent visit to the members only Soho House you thought to yourself, "what a boring place, why would I want to spend time here", feel free to pat yourself on the back. That's exactly how Soho House founder and BMOC Nick Jones felt after spending some time at his New York location. To get the club's mojo back, Jones has purged 500 members from the club's roster that were deemed too "corporate" and is replacing them with a younger, more creative group. The cuts include some original New York members and are done without any explanation. Apparently the new dress code wasn't effective enough. Jones believes that the great purge is working, telling the New York Post, "it's a more relaxed and friendly environment. It's really making me happy. It is getting back to where we started." Soho house will get a bit of a refurbishment in the coming months, and Jones and boss Richard Caring expect to open a New York outpost of their casual Italian restaurant Cecconi's in New York this year as well.
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If you've been booted from Soho House and have a story to share, please let us know.

Soho House

29 9th Ave., New York, NY 10014

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