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Rumor Confirmed: Le Baron Sets Sights On New York City

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The first whispers that Le Baron, the Parisian nightclub owned by Andre and Lionel, would be opening a New York outpost were met with immediate denials from a source close to the owners. Sure, they had always thought about opening here and it seemed like a deal was in the works last fall but never was finalized. However, after a weekend of investigation and transcontinental communication, several tipsters confirmed to us that indeed, Le Baron would be coming to New York City and will settle in the area where Chinatown and the Financial District meet in the space that is currently the Yello Karaoke Lounge.

Out of all the neighborhoods in New York, why would they choose this one? A quick glance and its surroundings explains why - the bar is flanked on one side by a deli and the other by a massive funeral parlor, while across the street is a public park. And while there are a few apartments above the space, Yello is already fully licensed, so it would not be adding a new bar to the area, just one that is more successful. Besides, Le Baron in Paris opened in the ritzy 8th arrondissement, an area not known for its nightlife. One giant caveat: the lease is still not signed and it's all dependent on the various approvals coming through, so things are still capable of falling apart. Also don't confuse this with any other rumored projects, this one is 100% French owned and operated.
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Le Baron

32 Mulberry St., New York, NY