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Tourondel OUT at BLT Fish, Steak, Prime, and Burger in NYC

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Flo Fab reports that super chef Laurent Tourondel and his partner in the BLT empire Jimmy Haber, have split right on the verge of the partnership's sixth year anniversary. According to the article, the split was amicable—LT wants to open some places on his own—but it looks like Haber is getting most of the spoils. He will retain ownership over BLT Fish, BLT Prime and BLT Burger in New York as well as BLT Steak in New York, LA, and DC. Tourondel gets the rights to the BLT name (duh) and BLT Market. They haven't decided who gets to keep the plywooded BLT Grill in this divorce.
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BLT Burger

470 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (212) 243-8226 Visit Website

BLT Bar & Grill

123 Washington st., New York, NY