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Community Board Scares Away Roxy Nightclub Dreamers

Score another one for Community Board NIMBY's. Chelsea Now reports that less than one month after the owners of Taj Lounge, Katra and Leopard Lounge presented a plan to Community Board 4 to re-open the famous Roxy, the would-be operators have pulled the plan rather than going to war with the neighbors. An 18th Street resident, Klemens Gasser, told Chelsea Now, “I’m sure they were very [financially] solid guys, but I think they just wanted not to have a fight with the neighborhood for years to come. I think it’s a very respectful decision, I’m really happy about it. I love the guys!”

The plan had called for the former disco and roller rink to be converted into a full service restaurant and catering hall on the ground floor with a 840 person nightclub in the basement. Now, the building will continue to sit vacant until someone out there finds a plan that is acceptable to a neighborhood which hasn't stopped fighting yesterday's battles. Because apparently, vacant is better than anything else.
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The Roxy

515 West 18th St., New York, NY