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Hergatt Guests at Soho House; Telephone Bar now 13th Step

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Batali and Chang back in the day via @RoOnDemand

MEPA—Tonight, Shaun Hergatt of Sho Shaun Hergatt is guest cheffing at the Soho House. [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE— Highlands, the new Scottish bar and restaurant on West 10th Street will launch brunch this weekend. They'll serve Scotch eggs, waffles with whisky maple syrup, and oh so much more. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE— EV Grieve learns that Telephone Bar will reopen as 13th Step. The name is an AA term "used as a euphemism for inappropriate sexual advances by a member to a newcomer in AA." Fun! [EVG]

TRIBECA— A new restaurant called TriBeCafe is opening on 277 Church St. in the old Tokyo Bar space tonight. It comes from the owners of Greenwich Grill and Sushi Azabu and will serve "savory, Japanese night scene dishes." [EaterWire]

13th Step

149 2nd Ave., New York, NY