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Meet Williamsburg's Newest, 1 or 8, Opening Tonight

[Jessica Lin]

Williamsburg's newcomer 1 or 8 isn't the typical big time restaurant opening that gets the Eater Inside treatment. The name is weird, the look is kind of bizarro, the menu, unusual, but who knows, maybe it will be a southside destination. The owners report that they'll be serving a caliber of sushi heretofore unknown in Williamsburg. Either way, it's fun to look at. See the menu below or on their website.

Miso Soup 5
Today’s Soup 6

Edamame 4
Pickles 6
assorted home-made pickles
House Salad 7
Ganmo 7

Tempura 9
2pcs of shrimp and 3 kinds of vegetable tempura
Today’s Pâtée 10
sakizuke terrine

Ohitashi 5
boiled white asparagus in chilled bonito broth
Sukiyaki 12
rib-eye, onion, shiitake with slow cooked egg
Hijiki 5
hijiki seaweed with hijiki cream-cheese paste
Ankimo 12
monkfish liver with grilled peach
Kinpira 5
burdock roots and carrots with sweet soy
Mushroom 10
mixed mushrooms, taro potato

Sakizuke Trio 12 Terrine Trio 16
tartare ceviche
Tuna 12 Lobster 12

ginger, capers, wasabi mayo guacamole grapefruit, avocado, mango w/ mango yuzu sauce

Smoked Salmon 9 Hamachi 10

Spanish Mackerel 9 Octopus 9

kiwi, wasabi tobiko grapes, Japanese yam w/ tosa vinegar jelly

Tartare Trio 18 Ceviche Trio 18


from the sushi bar

Sushi 23

7pcs of sushi with 1 sushi roll

Vegetable Sushi 19

7pcs of sushi with 1 vegetable sushi roll

Sashimi 25

8 kinds of sashimi

Omakase Sushi or Sashimi 40 /person

from the kitchen

Yasai 18
grilled assorted vegetables with original dipping sauce

Chicken Pot-au-Feu 19
free-range chicken, pork sausage, tomato, potato, celery, onion in konbu broth,
served with red yuzu pepper paste, lemon pepper paste and Maldon salt

Beef Steak 22
flap steak served with fried potatoes, carrots glacées, grilled asparagus

Pork Belly Two Ways 19
a la plancha served with sauerkraut with miso / mustard vinaigrette sauce
and cutlet with spicy green apple sauce served with grilled zucchini

Salmon Saikyo-Yaki 20
grilled salmon marinated with saikyo miso served with shimeji mushroom ojiya
extra side dishes

Rice Galette 3 Grilled Vegetable 6

grilled rice ball assorted vegetables

Ratatouille 4 Potato Miso Gratin 5

Tuna Shellfish

Otoro 9 Squid 4

Chutoro 7 Octopus 3

Akami 3.5 Shrimp 3

Yellowtail Botan-Shrimp 3.5

Hamachi 4 Scallop 3.5

Kampachi 4 Taira-Gai 4.5

Salmon Eel

Atlantic 3 Unagi 3

Pacific 5 Anago 4.5

White Fish Roe

Fluke 3 Sea Urchin 5

Ma-Dai 4 Ikura 4

Sayori 5 Tobiko 3


Mackerel 3

Kohada 3.5

Horse Mackerel 4 (***prices are for 1 piece of nigiri or sashimi)

*We serve seasonal fish: Please ask our service team for selection

Avo-Q 4.5 Oshinko 4.5

Tuna 5 Spicy Tuna 6 Toro 12 Shrimp Tempura 7

Yellowtail 6 Salmon 5

* Scallions, cucumbers, jalapenos are 50¢ additional (each)

Shiso, avocado, soy paper, extra sauce are $1 additional (each)
1 or 8 ROLL

Salmon Mozzarella 11
salmon, mozzarella cheese, semi-dried tomato, yuzu tobiko with a basil sauce

Double Salmon 10
salmon skin, cucumber, shiso, topped with salmon and a wasabi cream sauce

Yellow Mango 9
yellowtail, mango, jalapeno with cilantro sauce

Mushroom Tuna 10
sauted mushroom, red pepper, asparagus, topped with seared tuna and an aji amarillo sauce

Crispy Shrimp 10
deep-fried breaded shrimp and cabbage with a yuzu miso sauce

Ebisen 9
boiled shrimp, ebisen, mango, avocado, wrapped in rice paper with a sesame sauce

Crab 8
avocado, cucumber, tempura flakes, topped with crab meat

Vege-ten 9
tempura of asparagus, sweet potato, zucchini, red pepper and eggplant, with a tempura sauce

Dragon 10
eel, cucumber, topped with mango, avocado and a sweet a soy sauce

1 or 8

66 South 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY