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Coney Island's Totonno's To Reopen One Year After Fire

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Totonno's last March (left) and today (right, via Slice)

Slice reports the happy news that Totonno's, the longstanding Coney Island pizza joint that was felled by fire last March, is reopening next Wednesday after months and months of delays. There have been a lot of a lot of false starts since owner Lawrence Ciminieri began building the place back up, but the pizza nerds promise it's for real: "We're confident that this is the real deal this time. Ciminieri says he's got all the permits now and the pizzeria is ready to go."
· Totonno's Reopening Wednesday, February 10 [Slice]

Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano

1524 Neptune Avenue, New York, NY 11224 718 372 8606


1524 Neptune Ave., Brooklyn, NY