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LES Nightlife Town Hall Goes Off Without A Hitch

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An Eater operative attended last night's epic Nightlife Town Hall event in the Lower East Side, and from their report, it was actually a very positive event. According to our source, the four hour meeting allowed the residents to vent their feelings of being inundated with venues. Meanwhile the nightlife operators said they feel that they follow the sometimes archaic zoning laws but still run into bureaucratic hurdles and community protests. The reports also have moderator Daniel Squadron shedding his undeserved label of being anti-nightlife, as well as SLA Savior Dennis Rosen being a "patient listener and trying to get his hands around the issues without making grand pronouncements to make people happy".

According to our source, the biggest surprise were the complaints of "quite a few" community advocates with the smoking ban, which has forced smokers and their noise, garbage, vomit and urine, out of the bars and onto their streets. Several of them voiced a desire to adjust or even repeal the ban, but it doesn't seem like that will happen anytime soon. If only there was a sensible proposal for making it more effective. If only.

All in all, it seems like this event helped get all of the players in one room for a rather sensible discussion on the issues at hand. It doesn't seem that there will be any immediate changes, but maybe the community will be a bit more sensitive to operators during the licensing process. And just maybe the operators will be a bit more sensitive to the community's concerns as they run their businesses. Maybe. Maybe.
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