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Jean-Georges Offers a Sneak Peek at Mark on the UES

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[all photos courtesy Jean-Georges]

Jean-Georges Vongerichten gets on the blog today to give a little sneak preview of his new Upper East Side restaurant, The Mark in the Mark Hotel now that it's in the "final stretch." The restaurant, designed by Jacques Grange, has skylights in the ceiling, a raw bar, a lounge, a dining room, and a private dining room and features partitions that can be closed to section of various parts of the restaurant for private parties. According to the JGV blog, his menu will be rustic, traditional French (from his childhood) and includes his favorite dish at the moment, a triple decker, super indulgent looking croque madam with quail eggs. The space looks uber corporate from these pictures—those pink chairs, carpet as far as the eye can see—but his food porn merits a click through.
· The Mark Restaurant: Coming Soon [JGV]

The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges

25 East 77th Street, Manhattan, NY 10075 (212) 606-3030 Visit Website

The Mark

25 East 77th St., New York, NY