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Nightlife Town Hall Meeting Promises To Be A Doozy

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Following up on a promise he made to the community in October, State Senator Daniel "I Hate Nightlife" Squadron is hosting a Nightlife Town Hall tonight in the Lower East Side. It is anticipated that SLA savior Dennis Rosen will attend, as well as Senator Squadron, other elected officials, various community board members, and representatives of the nightlife industry, with the goal of creating a new framework for regulating restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the downtown area.

In advance of the meeting, Community Board officials have been papering the neighborhoods with these cute and completely mellow fliers (above) warning about a pending increase in bars and clubs, while the New York Nightlife Association has been trying to rally constituents to attend the meeting and raise support for their beleaguered industry. Each side is hoping to gain some ground in the battle for the elected officials hearts and minds, but it seems unlikely that any concrete changes will be decided tonight. However, it is very likely that a town hall with these constituencies should should put the health care town halls to shame!
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