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How Motorino Beat out 15 Northeast Rival Pizzerias

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Over on Slice, Adam Kuban confirms yesterday's report that he and boss Ed Levine scoured the country to find the best pizzeria for Every Day with Rachael Ray. And the kids over at Grub Street have the awesome visual of how the brackets broke down, showing that Motorino had to beat out NYC pizza heavy hitters Di Fara, Co., Keste, Grimaldi's, Franny's, Fornino, and Lucali and a handful of out of staters. And while it seems Kuban and Levine were the real decision makers here a piece in the News today hints that the 30 Minute cook may have had an influence. She lives right by Motorino's East Village location and frequents it with her husband all the time: "She had a party of 15 here on Saturday, and she comes a lot with her husband." Di Fara, you didn't have a chance.
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