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A Look Around Scott Conant's Cooper Square Resto, Faustina

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[Krieger, 2/3/10]

On Monday, restaurateur Scott Conant provided Eater with a sneak preview tour of his new Cooper Square Hotel restaurant Faustina, offering a glimpse at his new menu, the promise of a burger, and the details on the other hotel spaces like the front cafe, the second floor bar, and the penthouse. Now that that's out of the way, how about a real look around? The bones are the same here, but Faustina differs from its predecessor Table 8 most obviously in its color palette, the lighting, and its street side cafe. She opens to the public on Friday, so please do send the early feedback this way.
· A First Look at the Menu and Layout of Faustina [~ENY~]


25 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003


25 Cooper Square, New York, NY

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