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SoBe Notebook: Day Four

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The fourth day of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival featured one of the weekend's most hotly anticipated events -- the Tribute Dinner to Daniel Boulud, hosted by Gail Simmons. With so many food world celebs crammed into one room there was bound to be some juicy gossip leaked and some awkward encounters to be had. Thankfully, Eater Miami was there with a front row seat for the star-chef hang out session. Here are a few dispatches from Eater Miami of what we've been missing down in SoBe:

THE QUOTABLE BOURDAIN--Eater Miami got the scoop from Tony Bourdain himself on what we can expect from the rest of the new season of the Travel Channel's No Reservations. Apparently, Tony is headed off to Lebanon early next week to tape an episode there. After that, he's off to Liberia where -- in a first for the show--Bourdain will travel with a full security escort. And, for an upcoming food porn-themed episode, Tony will enlist the help of porn legend Ron Jeremy. [Eater Miami]

BOULUD SPEAKS -- Daniel Boulud shared his thoughts on the fest with Eater Miami: "It's like Woodstock, only food is better and booze is better; Rachael Ray's Janis Joplin, Emeril's Jim Morrison." [Eater Miami]

SOBE'S ODD COUPLE-- Eater Miami's Lesley Abravanel had the odd luck of sitting next to Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri at last night's tribute dinner to Daniel Boulud. In a stroke of party planning genius, the star chefs were seated at the same table, with only festival head honcho Lee Schrager separating the two. As we know, Bourdain has been less than kind to Fieri in the media recently, but apparently, over the course of the evening, the two became quick friends. At one point, Bourdain and Fieri were seen locked in a deep conversation together, with no barbs or jests were slung. Not surprisingly, Fieri was asked to pose for photos more than any other guest at the star-chef packed event. [Eater Miami]

We'll have more on the closing night of SOBE '10 tomorrow. Stay Tuned to Eater Miami, Eater National and Eater NY for more from the center of the action.

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